WN(Q) series dredge pump is a new type of dredge pump developed by our company aiming at dredge pumps of dredging and hydraulic fill industries. This series of pumps, made of high strength wear resistant alloy cast iron (KmTBCr27), with its hardness not less than 58HRC, have strong impact resistance and excellent corrosion resistance.





Maximum flow quantity 


Maximum head 




For details, please refer to the bottom clear water performance table.

Performance parameters

Model  Capacity (m3/h)  Head (m)  Speed (rpm)  Efficiency (%)  NPSH r (m)  Inlet Diameter (mm)  Outlet Diameter (mm)  Maximum diameter of flow particle (mm) 
300WN(Q)  1800~2200  20~65  300~550  70~78  < 4  350  300  240 
450WN(Q)  3200~3800  20~67  250~550  70~78  < 4.5  600  450  240 
500WN(Q)  4500~5800  20~65  250~550  74~80  < 4.5  650  500  240 
600WN(Q)  5000-7000  20-65  250~550  74-80  < 4.5  660  600  250 
650WN(Q)  6000~9000  20~70  200~400  75~85  < 5.5  700  650  260 
700WN(Q)  7500~1200  20~75  200-400  78~85  < 5.5  760  700  280 
800WN(Q)  10000~15000  20~78  200~380  80-84  < 6  900  800  300 
900WN(Q)  12000~19000  20~75  180~350  80~85  < 6  960  900  320 
1000WN(Q)  16000~25000  20~78  180-350  80-85  < 6  1200  1000  350 


Structural features

1. The WN series dredge pump is used in the cabin, while the WN (Q) series used underwater, making our dredge pumps meet the requirements of different hull structures, thus having wide applicability.

2. The overall structure adopts horizontal single-stage single-suction cantilever structure that can provide two ways of connecting with the gear box, i.e. the pump working part is combined with the gear box, or the pump bracket is connected with the gear box through the coupling.

3. The pump casings of 300WN (Q)-500WN (Q), 600WN (Q)-1000WN (Q) adopt single casing structure. While 600WN-1000WN adopts double shell structure, which can ensure the long-term reliable operation of the pump.

4. The WN(Q) series dredge pump adopts the front dismantling structure that is easy to assemble and disassemble, convenient for maintenance and replacing parts.

5. The impeller adopts multi head trapezoidal screwed connection with large transmitted torque, easy to assemble. An impeller dismounting ring is arranged at the rear end of the shaft sleeve to make disassembly convenient.

6. Through optimum design, the WN (Q) series dredge pump has excellent cavitation performance, strong suction capability and large digging depth.

7. WN (Q) series dredge pump has wide smooth runner so as to possess good flow performance. The adjustment of the flow rate and head can be achieved by adjusting the speed or diameter of the impeller.

8. The flow parts use high strength wear-resistant alloy cast iron material with the hardness over 58HRC, so they have strong impact resistance and good corrosion resistance.

9. The hydraulic design uses CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) to simulate the flow field, which can improve the efficiency and avoid the local wear of the flow parts due to rapid speed change, thus reducing the consumption of accessories.

10. The packing seal, mechanical seal, reinforced seal (filling grease), screw sleeve seal (L type rubber seal) and other forms of sealing are available to meet customer demand.

11. Grease or oil lubrication can be used for lubrication.